Holiday Girls for Barbie & Victoire Roux

These dresses are a custom order just in time for the spring holidays.



Coach Verdigris for Barbie, Poppy Parker, and Victoire Roux

I bought another silk Coach scarf, this time in some of my favorite shades of green and blue. And bonus, I had a magnetic brooch in exactly those colors! I used a bit of the border to make a bow, and used green ultrasuede and a rhinestone buckle to make a belt. Available now in my Etsy shop.


Winter crafting

I was planning to go to a cool vintage market in Kalamazoo today, but this is what it looks like in my backyard … snow steadily coming down, weather advisory all day, with even more snow in Kalamazoo.


So … it’s a good day to stay inside and catch up on some projects.

I’m running low on little pink perfume bottles for Barbie. For some reason, the pink bottles are a best seller (I prefer the blue myself). The problem is pink beads seem to be the most difficult to find. It’s easy to find round pink opaque beads, but I like unusual shapes and translucent  faceted beads. So I’ve been searching my favorite craft stores lately and managed to find some good sales. I decided clear white beads would mix nicely with some pink beads to expand my selections, and Michaels had a bunch of beads 70% off yesterday.

So here’s my first project of the day.


And fair warning, I bought another silk Coach scarf … keep your eyes peeled for a new fashion coming soon.

Susy Goose clone vanity makeover

This is another piece of furniture from that big lot I bought from eBay. I love the aqua green color — that’s original to the piece. It’s not a Susy Goose vanity, but I think they ripped off the mold for the mirrored part, took off the side lamps and replaced them with photo frames. The legs are just straight pin legs instead of the shaped legs on the Susy Goose version, the bench is different, and there are no drawers. To hide the spindly legs, I made a gathered skirt from dupioni silk to match the bench cushion. And of course I freshened up the gold paint and sealed it and replaced the mirror. It comes with the mirrored vanity tray and perfume bottles. Available now in my Etsy shop.

And right now, all vanities in my shop are on sale — and I have lots to choose from in a variety of colors!


Susy Goose Barbie piano

It’s taken a few weeks, but I finally finished refurbishing the vintage Susy Goose Barbie piano. I started by scrubbing and soaking it to get off the nasty red flocking inside. Then some minor repairs before I started painting. Someone suggested I paint it black. I love how it turned out, but I admit it was much more difficult to see where to paint the gold highlights on black rather than on a lighter color! Sunlight is my friend.

I replaced the mirror over the keyboard and added mirror insets on the side moldings for dramatic effect. My theory is they’d need the extra mirrors to reflect the candlelight!

I had to create a new music stand and lid brace from wood because the originals were missing. And my husband managed to remove the remnants of the resolutely glued-on plastic candelabra base with a dremel and some sanding.

I covered the bench seat with gold silk. The metal candelabra and sheet music (My Wild Irish Rose) are included. Available now in my Etsy shop.