Purple Roses for Barbie and friends

I had about half of a vintage Yves Saint Laurent handkerchief left in my stash, when I received a request for step by step photos of how to make the bodice for my Fabulous Fifties dress pattern. So I figured, why not use up the rest of that hankie? And to make it even more interesting, I made a new skirt pattern to go with it. Dress available now in my Etsy shop.

I haven’t used my flower shop set in a while because I have to lug my photography studio lights from one room to another (since the flower shop is too large to fit in my doll room). So I saved myself some trouble by only moving one light, instead of both, which made for some nice dramatic lighting.

Custom orders

I haven’t been posting much lately, but lest you think I’ve been slacking off, let me assure you I’ve been busy! I’m working on a series of dresses for a custom order. Here are the dresses I’ve completed so far (still a couple more to go).

1:6 scale hand embroidered pillows

My stash of vintage petit point and embroidered hankies has been calling my name. Sometimes, the hankie design is simply too small to use in a Barbie fashion, or the hankie has age marks or damage that would prevent me from using the entire thing. But I can’t bear to waste the lovely embroidery, so Barbie size pillows are the perfect solution. I’ve just posted this new collection in my Etsy shop.