Iced Cocktail for Silkstone Barbie

I love browsing through vintage patterns on Etsy. This week, I found a dress pattern from the early 1960’s that has an unusual off the shoulder draped sleeve that becomes a collar in the back. I decided to give it a go and see if I could figure out how to recreate it. After a couple attempts at the sleeve/collar, I finally got it figured out. I hope to publish the pattern soon. But in the meantime, the dress is now available in my Etsy shop.

Barbie in Bloom

This fashion was sewn entirely by hand from a vintage Barbie handkerchief, and cotton lining fabric. If you look closely, you’ll see Barbie’s silhouette amongst the flowers. Inspired by a vintage 1960’s sewing pattern, dress is fully lined and fastened with tiny pink buttons over metal snaps. Jacket is fully lined and fastened with buttons over hooks and thread loops. Available now in my Etsy shop.

Where to find cameo necklaces for Barbie

I’m often asked where I find the adorable pearl and cameo necklaces I feature with many of my fashions. Several years ago, my mom picked me up the 2000 Wedgwood Barbie doll (dressed in blue) at a garage sale, and I fell in love with the necklace. I then found the pink Wedgwood Barbie necklace on eBay and added it to my collection. The clasps are a bit challenging to fasten and unfasten because you have to hook them in 3 places and I thought the cameos were a tad large for Barbie. So when I stumbled across an Etsy shop with smaller cameos on little chains for Barbie, I contacted the shop owner and asked if she’d be interested in trying to recreate the Wedgwood Barbie cameo necklaces with 3 pearl strands, but with easier clasps. I sent her pictures of the necklaces and she agreed to give it a go. Since then, she’s been offering the necklaces in her Etsy shop in a variety of cameo and metal colors, and in different sizes. She makes chokers and necklaces (which I prefer), with and without a pearl drop. I think I may have almost every color now. If you would like a cameo necklace for your doll, visit You’ll be glad you did!