Halloween with Mickey

Yes, I know it’s still September, but Mickey Mouse is celebrating Halloween early. On select nights in September and October, you can dress in costume, go trick or treating on Main Street in Disneyland, and attend Mickey’s Halloween party. So, of course, Disneyland is all decked out for the holiday.


Pumpkins are everywhere! Many of your favorite Disney characters are in costume. Special pumpkin spice desserts can be found at most restaurants. And Jack Skellington has taken over The Haunted Mansion.


We managed to get a good spot to watch the Pixar parade — there’s shaded, slightly elevated seating at the end of the parade route by It’s A Small World. (Just try to get that song out of your head now … can’t do it, can you?)


After walking 12,500 steps today (5.46 miles), we’re back in the hotel room with our feet up. So here’s a sneak peek of the embroidered dress I’ve finished while I’ve been here in California. I’ll leave the colors to your imagination for now. I plan to post the dress in my shop on Thursday, so stay tuned.




Hankie Jackpot!

Today, we met family for lunch and stopped at a couple antique malls. On the way there, we stopped in San Juan Capistrano, where we went to The Old Barn Antique Mall. I found some gorgeous vintage hankies, including this embroidered black silk net hankie. It was kind of pricey, but too beautiful to pass up.


After lunch, we stopped at The Landmark Antiques and Collectibles Mall in Mission Viejo. I just did a search for Antiques in Google maps and it was right on the way back to the hotel. Glad we stopped! They had all kinds of hankies in many of the booths. I came away with some real beauties. Love the black and purple round hankie!


Gilding the Lily

I’m in love! …. with a shop I discovered in Fullerton, CA, called Gilding the Lily. I found it when I did an online search for antique shops in the Anaheim area. The shop reminds me of some of the trim shops in New York City. It’s small, but every nook and cranny is filled with crafter’s candy!

You’ll find everything from pearls to vintage ribbons, buttons, buckles, beads, metal stampings, and much more. As soon as we walked in, hubby said, “Oh, you’re going to be here a while!” And I was. I went through every drawer and basket and just kept filling up my tray with little treasures.



I bought exquisite petit point appliqués, ribbon, millinery flowers, little findings to make magnetic Barbie brooches, and metal stampings to use on my 1:6 scale wall vignettes.


Nancy was a delight to talk to and she was so helpful. Check out her website at vintagedesignresource.com or find her on Facebook at /gildingthelilyvintage.

Barbie needs a new dress

So if you’re wondering why I haven’t posted a new dress lately, it’s because we’re currently on vacation at Disneyland. This is the view from our hotel room, overlooking Pixar Pier at Disney’s California Adventure.

But Barbie does need a new dress … she’s only got her slip to wear at the moment. So I guess we’ll have to hit some antique shops in Orange, California today to find some hankies to make her some new clothes.


Weekend project #4

Here’s another 1:6 scale backdrop for my collection. Really, this was mostly another Saturday project, but I finished up the trim and the wall sconces today. I hand mixed the blue paint to match the piece of scrapbook paper I used for wallpaper after the first blue I tried dried a totally different color than I wanted. The sconces are metal key hooks from Hobby Lobby and the shades are toothpaste tube lids. The lids fit perfectly over the ball at the end of the hook. (Sensodyne toothpaste, if you’re interested.)


Craft #2

My husband and I love Yoplait Oui French-style yogurt that comes in little glass pots. We end up with a lot of little glass pots, so I keep giving them away to family and friends. I found reusable canning jar lids at Walmart that sit on top of the glass pots to make a loose lid. I stuffed a leftover Santa hat (that was a tad too small for Barbie) with fiberfill and glued little pom poms around the brim. A bit of scrapbook paper and ribbon trim out the lid. Now to fill the jar with mini wrapped candies.