Alice for Skipper

Since both Barbie and Francie got dresses made from vintage wedding hankies and blue silk, I decided it was only appropriate that Skipper got one too. For Skipper’s dress, I added vintage lace and pearl buttons down the front of the bodice with a sweet bow at the neck. Available now in my Etsy shop.


Books for Barbie

I wandered into a local Dollar Tree store on my lunch hour this week, because … you never know what you’ll find! And I scored these adorable little erasers shaped like Dr. Seuss books. At first glance, you’d never guess they are erasers, and they’re the perfect size for Barbie and friends. At just $1 for 6, it’s a cheap way to build up Barbie’s library.


Susy Goose Skipper bed

I just finished a custom order to refurbish a vintage Susy Goose Skipper doll bed. I recently redid a Skipper vanity and wardrobe for the same person, and we finally found a bed to complete the suite. I wish the Susy Goose company was still in business and making this furniture! The details are amazing.




Vintage Violets for Skipper

While I waited for paint to dry on the Susy Goose Skipper furniture pieces I was refurbishing yesterday, I decided to make Skipper a new dress. Hand sewn from a vintage amethyst linen hankie, I joined a sleeveless bodice to a full gored skirt. I added some exquisite silk ribbon trim down the front of the bodice and around the waist.


Painting day

I have a few Susy Goose furniture pieces I’m painting for a friend. The light was just right this morning, so I got an early start. First up, a Skipper vanity and wardrobe. We’re taking our cue from the amethyst jewel on the vanity mirror. I started with a few coats of wedding cake white, and then accented the carvings with amethyst, lavender, champagne, and gold metallic paint. After everything is thoroughly dried, I’ll put on a coat of poly acrylic sealer and make a cushion for the bench.


We’re in the market for the matching Susy Goose Skipper bed to refurbish. Anyone have one for sale at a reasonable price?

Next up, repainting a Susy Goose piano. Trying out a new color combo. Here’s a teaser …



1:6 scale throw blankets for fashion dolls

I sew. My sister knits. We work in the same building, so we usually grab a quick lunch and then head to one of our favorite craft stores to get some exercise. Ok … shop. I look for beads, lace, fabric, etc., and she looks at yarn.

For the last couple of years, she has volunteered to go with me to the GAW Barbie Convention. So this past year, I told her she should make something for Barbie to sell out of our room. She started knitting these adorable throw blankets. One happened to end up in my box after convention and I just love how it drapes on the furniture and adds that something extra to my dioramas.


Now, we’re making them available in my Etsy shop. There are a variety of colors, sizes, and patterns to choose from. Check them out!



Kaleidoscope for Skipper

When I was a child, my sisters and I did not have a Barbie doll … instead, we had all her friends. Like Midge, Allen, Ricky, Julie, and the original Skipper doll with the red bathing suit. My theory is aunts and uncles assumed we already had Barbie, so for birthdays and Christmas we got the other dolls.

This week, I bought a reproduction Skipper doll. And some vintage Skipper sewing patterns. And then I started sewing. Instead of a traditional full skirt made from a rectangle, I followed the shape of the round hankie to take advantage of the design on the round hankie.

This fashion is available now in my Etsy shop.