Purses and pillows aplenty

GAW Barbie Convention room sales are over for me and I’m heading to bed! However, before I do, I managed to list a bunch of 1:6 scale pillows and purses in my Etsy shop. I still have another lavender Susy Goose vanity and some more furniture to post, but that will have to wait until I get home so I can get better photos.


2018 GAW Barbie Convention doll

Lunch at the GAW convention was a lovely affair. Everyone got a mini bouquet of roses, hat stands and hats for Barbie, a 1:6 scale white metal full length mirror, and chocolate mousse for dessert. And the table centerpiece was adorable with Barbie and Ken and their Derby trophy.



The 2018 GAW Barbie Convention doll has just been unveiled and she’s a beauty! Formerly the Camel Coat articulated Silkstone Barbie, she’s had a bit of a repaint and now features pink lipstick instead of red. She also got a new outfit to wear to the Derby.


Shopping haul at GAW Barbie Convention

Here’s a glimpse of what I found yesterday at room sales at the Grant A Wish Barbie Convention. I’m planning to repaint the lamps — not sure what “Gloria” was thinking on those lamp shades. And I think the candelabra will work nicely on my repainted Susy Goose piano. The Ikea chair was too cute to resist and very well made. The leather luggage set is adorable and oh so afforable. A classic blue and white tea set is always nice. And I finally found an area rug with purple in it. And you know I couldn’t resist adding these flower pots to my ever growing collection of flora.

And the lace! Did I mention that I love vintage lace? Yum! Like candy to me.


I found some absolutely gorgeous OOAK dolls too, but the price tags have made those pretty easy to resist.

I lounged in bed this morning with a good book, but now I’m on to breakfast, then a brisk walk, and then I’ll be back in my room to sell more stuff!

Barbie sized Pyrex

I was browsing through Pinterest last night and ran across this set of doll dishes made by Pyrex some years ago. The dishes replicate some classic people-size Pyrex dishes, although the doll versions are plastic. So just for fun, I thought I’d see if I could find this set of dishes on eBay. I did … the starting bid was … gasp … $149.99. They’re plastic, people! They’re cute and all, but not $150 cute.


Have to tell you a story about Pyrex dishes. My mom has a bunch of Pyrex that she has collected over the years or received as wedding presents. She has the real deal set of these primary colored nesting mixing bowls. When she wrote a family cookbook a few years ago, the scalloped potato recipe said to fill the large yellow bowl with potatoes. So then my sister and I had to scrounge antique malls to find enough yellow bowls for each of her kids so they could make Grandma’s scalloped potatoes! And now every time I stop at an antique mall, those yellow bowls catch my eye.