A magical vacation … Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom

I thought Magic Kingdom was crowded. I was wrong. Since Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge and Toy Story Land opened in Hollywood Studios, what was once a sleepy park is now wall to wall people. Of course everyone wants a boarding pass to Rise of the Resistance, and you’ll hear plenty of advice and war stories from those who did or did not get into a boarding group. Bottom line is, if you don’t get a boarding pass within 90 seconds of the park opening, you are out of luck.

We skipped the stress and slept in. Then headed to the park to check out the new lands and pick up some Star Wars souvenirs for two of my little nieces. The theming is terrific, if you can see it through the crowds. And I found some really cool souvenirs I know they’ll love.

Toy Story land is a marvel. Light posts that look like giant pencils. Tinker toy fences. And, of course, the Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster.

After a quick lunch, we headed back to our resort for a shower and nap. It was 86 degrees and very humid today, so it felt more like 100.

For supper, we headed back to Animal Kingdom to our new favorite quick service restaurant, Satu’li Canteen. Delicious bowls, and scrumptious desserts. I don’t usually take pictures of my food, but it was so pretty.

Then on to the Rivers of Light show. We had a fast pass, so we were able to get into the amphitheater early and find a good seat to watch the sunset. This was our first time viewing the show, and it was a beautiful combination of light and water.


A magical vacation … Magic Kingdom and Epcot

I will be the first to admit, while Magic Kingdom is the prettiest park, it is my least favorite at Walt Disney World, mostly because it always seem to be the busiest with thousands of strollers and crying children. But we always try to put in an appearance. Today we started there.

Many people know there’s a statue of Walt Disney with Mickey Mouse in front of Cinderella’s castle. But did you know there’s also a statue of his brother, Roy, with Minnie Mouse at the front of the park?

After wandering a bit and riding a ride, we had lunch at Be Our Guest, the Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant.  The inside is designed to look like different rooms in the Beast’s castle. The theming was very good; the food was okay, but I don’t know that I’d go out of my way to eat there again. But the only way to see the inside of the restaurant is to get a reservation to eat there. The mosaic “window” is spectacular.

We saw a couple shows and the Dapper Dans before heading back to the room to rest and refresh. Then it was on to The Flying Fish — on the Boardwalk behind Epcot — for supper. This seafood restaurant has always been a favorite of ours, although prices have increased significantly since we last visited. The food and service, however, are excellent. I had the seafood pasta that came with lobster, shrimp, and scallops. So good!

After supper, we headed back to Epcot where we caught the Disney on Broadway concert with Ashley Brown and Josh Strickland. When we visited NYC a few years back, we actually saw Ashley on Broadway when she originated the role of Mary Poppins. She has a fantastic voice. Josh originated the role of Tarzan on Broadway. The concert was very well done. We stayed for the new fireworks show before calling it a day. Logged about 17,000 steps today and I’m feeling it!

Chair makeover

To go with my OOAK Barbie doll for the 2020 GAW Barbie Convention charity auction, I’m making a simple backdrop, as previously shown here. Since the theme of the convention is A Knight to Remember—and I’m making a princess doll—I decided she also needed a throne. I found this vintage doll chair in an antique shop. From my research, I believe the chair was made circa 1910-30, possibly in Germany. The chair was well made, but a little worse for wear. So a makeover was in order.

After some sanding and a couple coats of gold paint, I embellished it with some brass stampings. Then I made cushions covered in royal blue crushed velvet. Here’s the before and after.


Books for Barbie

I wandered into a local Dollar Tree store on my lunch hour this week, because … you never know what you’ll find! And I scored these adorable little erasers shaped like Dr. Seuss books. At first glance, you’d never guess they are erasers, and they’re the perfect size for Barbie and friends. At just $1 for 6, it’s a cheap way to build up Barbie’s library.


Backdrop project

I’ve been working on my auction doll for the GAW Barbie convention. The doll has been repainted, and the outfit has been made, but before I take photos, I wanted to create a backdrop to go with the doll. After Christmas, I found a faux window frame on clearance at Michaels. I decided attach it to a floor with L-brackets. Then the doll can stand on the floor and the whole thing can either hang on the wall or sit on a surface.

To make the floor, I started with a square of plywood. I picked up some edge banding veneer to make the hardwood floor at Menards. I simply cut “planks” to size with scissors, and then ironed them onto the plywood square with my iron. So much easier than using popsicle sticks! Once the flooring was ironed on, I used a stain marker to get the color I wanted. Now I just need to seal the floor and assemble.