Happy New Year sale!

To welcome in the new decade, I’m having a sale! For one week only, save 20% off select items in my Etsy shop, including dresses, calendars, petit point pillows, and more. Start shopping Here

Feeling thankful

Seven years ago this week, I made this doll dress from a vintage Christmas hankie. I posted a photo of the dress on Pinterest and received a message from someone who wanted to purchase it. That first sale prompted me to open my Etsy shop, Hankie Chic, which led to many more dresses, discovering Barbie Conventions, making new friends, and a lot of fun. Thank you!

Celebrating 1,000 sales with a special coupon offer

It’s hard to believe, but this morning I made my 1,000th Etsy sale.

To celebrate, I’m offering 10% off anything in my Etsy shop when you use the coupon code SALE4U.


I first opened my Etsy shop, Hankie Chic, in the spring of 2013. I’d been making doll dresses and posting pictures on Pinterest for about a year when author Cheryl St. John messaged me and asked to buy a dress she’d seen on Pinterest. I’d honestly thought about setting up an Etsy shop for a while, but this was the kickstart I needed to actually do it.

In the six and a half years since I opened my shop, I’ve made new friends, attended Barbie conventions, acquired a bunch of dolls, and learned how to make all sorts of 1:6 scale miniatures to enhance my photos. And I’ve received so much support, advice, and inspiration from my customers, Etsy colleagues, bloggers, and fellow doll dress designers. I can never thank you all enough.

A special thank you to Rebecca Berry, who first featured an interview with me on her wonderful blog, https://insidethefashiondollstudio.com, a few weeks after I opened my shop. That interview really launched my shop … I think I sold something like 24 dresses in 24 hours because of Rebecca’s endorsement. 

And thank you, Cheryl, for purchasing that first dress.