Lauren Rose for Barbie and friends

This is my second dress from this Ralph Lauren handkerchief. The first dress sold before I could get it posted here, but I had a lot of border left that I paired with pink silk to make this dress.

And the sewing pattern from the first dress is available now as well.

Blushing Debutante

While I was at the Grant A Wish Barbie Convention last month, I was asked if I’d be willing to donate an OOAK doll to the charity auction for the Rome fashion doll convention this fall. (Wouldn’t it be nice to go to Rome? Alas, I don’t have those dates available this year.) The theme is something to do with debutantes, so I wanted to make a sweet dress befitting a teenage girl. I made the dress from shadow Chantilly lace layered over blush pink silk tissue taffeta. To bring out the black detail in the lace, I added black ribbon along the ruched seam lines and lots of bows. And of course she needed long gloves, a demure hat, and some spectacular jewelry. Before I box her up and get her in the mail, I thought I’d share her photo. Like the necklace? You can special order it in multiple colors from the Etsy shop, DollJewelsbyApril.

GAW Barbie Convention preview

I’ve been packing all day and I’m ready to head to the GAW Barbie Convention in Livonia, MI, tomorrow after lunch. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the fashions I’m taking with me. My collection this year features shades of blue, pink, and purple and is made from silks, lace, vintage printed and embroidered handkerchiefs, and Liberty of London Tana Lawn. Every dress comes with a coordinating hat or fascinator. I also have about 100 hats made in a variety of colors, and a variety of miniatures. Hope to see some of you there!

GAW Barbie convention preview

The GAW Barbie convention is just a couple weeks away! Here’s a little preview of what you’ll see from Hankie Chic at the convention.

Here’s a first glimpse of the doll I’m donating to the charity auction for the GAW Barbie Convention later this month. Her name is Juneau. Her dress is of Chantilly lace layered over silk taffeta. I found the lovely shade of pink silk fabric from Silk Baron. I love how it matches her hair. And of course the dress is sewn entirely by hand. I even stitched pearl beads onto the centers of the flowers on the lace.

I’ll be selling out of my hotel room and in the sales room. My dress collection is done (I think!). My color story is shades of pink, purple, and blue in silks, vintage printed and embroidered handkerchiefs, lace, and Liberty of London Tana Lawn fabric. No peeks at the collection until I arrive and set up my room, so stay tuned.

Now that the dress collection is done, I’ve been working on the smaller items. I’ve got about 80 hats made so far. So the question was, how do I display them? I was doing some antiquing this weekend and came across some vintage salt and pepper sets with large holes. That got me thinking about hat pins and hat pin holders … and what if I could display hats like a bouquet. So I stopped at a craft store to pick up wire and other supplies to make little hat stands that will stick into the holes of the salt and pepper shakers. I think I’ll be able to display about 24 hats per shaker.

I’ve also been working on little Barbie size shopping bags. I’ll have more designs available, but here’s a taste. They make great table gifts!