Midnight Blooms for Barbie and friends

What’s better than a Barbie dress made from a vintage hankie? How about a dress made from two vintage hankies! I discovered I had two hankies that coordinated beautifully — one a designer printed hankie and one with hand embroidered edges. I’d been wanting to try substituting a hankie with beautiful edging for lace on this skirt pattern, and I had enough of the hankie left to continue it onto the bodice (just had to draft a new bodice pattern to make it work). I love how the triangles of embroidered hankie emphasize the hourglass shape. And with all the flowers on the dress, I just had to do the photo shoot in my flower shop. Fashion available now in my Etsy shop.

Picnic Posies for Poppy Parker and Victoire Roux

It’s been a hot week, so I decided it was time to make a crop top and capris. I had some beautiful Liberty London Tana Lawn fabric that paired nicely with a vintage hand embroidered hankie. This is the first pair of lined pants I’ve made. They don’t fit Silkstone or vintage Barbie … Barbie’s calves are too curvy to fit the capris (note to self, if I make these again, cut them a little more generous in the calves!). Available now in my Etsy shop.

1:6 scale hand embroidered pillows

My stash of vintage petit point and embroidered hankies has been calling my name. Sometimes, the hankie design is simply too small to use in a Barbie fashion, or the hankie has age marks or damage that would prevent me from using the entire thing. But I can’t bear to waste the lovely embroidery, so Barbie size pillows are the perfect solution. I’ve just posted this new collection in my Etsy shop.

Petit Violets for Barbie and friends

I couldn’t believe my luck when I found this gorgeous petit point handkerchief. The embroidery is so finely detailed, I kind of felt bad cutting it up (not too bad, though, as I seemed to manage it!). This dress will fit a variety of dolls, as I tried it on many of my girls before I picked Silkstone Audrey Hepburn to model. What can I say, she’s a classic. Available now in my Etsy shop.

Cherry Blossoms for Silkstone Barbie, Poppy Parker, and Victoire Roux

Back in the day, when you were in mourning, you not only wore black dresses, but also black accessories, including handkerchieves. Among the vintage black mourning hankies can be found some exquisite examples of petit point embroidery, such as this one. The colorful flowers just pop off the black background. It’s unusual to find a hankie with such a large area of petit point embroidery, so I decided to show it off on a full length skirt. An elegant peplum blouse of violet silk tissue taffeta finishes the look. Available now in my Etsy shop.