New Hallmark Keepsake ornament: 1:6 scale crayon box

This weekend, I went to my local Hallmark store to see the new Hallmark Keepsake Christmas ornaments for 2021. I bought a bunch that I’ll share later, but one of my favorites is the mini box of crayons. They’re the perfect size for Barbie and they look great with my 1:6 scale Barbie paper dolls! (Paper dolls are available to download from my Etsy shop.)

I didn’t have any real crayons in the house, so here’s a pencil and scissors to show the scale of the paper dolls and crayon box ornament.

Ornaments as 1/6 scale miniatures

I always love to visit my local Hallmark store when the new Christmas ornaments are out. So many of their Keepsake ornaments are just the right size for Barbie dioramas. But what you may not know is Hallmark has another line of lower priced ornaments hanging alongside their Keepsake collection that can work just as well for Barbie. Last week, I discovered this beach tote with towels, flip flops, and sun glasses. Granted, it’s not quite bathing suit weather right now, but this should look nice with a little sundress or beach cover up. And the scale is perfect for Barbie.

2020 Hallmark keepsake ornaments

Hallmark introduced their 2020 Keepsake ornaments this weekend. These can be a treasure trove of 1:6 scale miniatures for your fashion doll dioramas. I’ve picked up a few so far. Here are a couple of them.

First, in honor of Princess Beatrice’s wedding, this adorable wedding cake.

And then, in the frisky kittens series, this cute kitten and hamster.

Holly Holiday

Most Christmas hankies have poinsettias printed all over, so this hankie with hand embroidered holly leaves and berries was a real find. I decided a skirt and blouse set was just the ticket to show off the beautiful embroidery.


And check out my mini Santa collection. My mom gave me an early Christmas present — we found the Santa head in the front at a craft show yesterday. The tall one is a Hallmark ornament, and the one on the right is a Jim Shore figurine.