Shopping treasures from GAW Barbie Convention

Believe it or not, I actually took time to do some room shopping and wander the sales room at the GAW Barbie Convention. I didn’t make it to every room, but I did find some treasures.

Susy Goose Barbie furniture to repaint
3D printed and laser cut backdrops
Miscellaneous treasures: hats and bouquets from Paintbox Designs, a pretty dress for one of my dolls to wear (many of whom were purchased nude and have nothing to wear when they’re not modeling my fashions), jewelry, luggage, a silk scarf to make into Barbie dresses, a pink poodle, and a 3D printed mannequin.
I bought one doll, a Silkstone Barbie who has had her hair restyled (so pretty!). I bought her loose, dressed in lingerie. I was disappointed to discover later that her waist is broken and she’d been taped together. She still models well for my purposes, but I wish the seller had disclosed that.

GAW Fashion Doll Show and Sale

We moved everything from our hotel room to the sales room this afternoon. We managed to consolidate our displays and fit everything on one table. Today was only for conventioneers, but tomorrow we open to the public. Anything that doesn’t sell tomorrow will be listed in my Etsy shop tomorrow afternoon or evening.

Mini shopping bags for Barbie and friends

I’ve been so busy making things to sell at the Grant A Wish Barbie Convention in April, but I’m also looking forward to room shopping. To get in the spirit, I decided Barbie needed her own shopping bag.

All you need is a printer, some glue, and a bit of 1/8” wide ribbon.

Make your own mini shopping bags by downloading this file. Fold under along dotted lines and white tabs. Put glue on the white tabs and assemble. I used a small hole punch to punch out the white circles on the sides of the bag. Then thread ribbon through the holes and tie knots on the end or tape to the inside of the bag to secure.

My GAW purchases

During the GAW Barbie convention, many attendees will sell doll stuff from their hotel room, as I did. So when we closed the door for a break, I took the opportunity to do some room shopping.

My sister and I bought a few Barbie Hallmark Keepsake ornaments for the Christmas tree she’s decorating for the Festival of Trees at her church. (I talked her into the Barbie theme, of course …)

I found some cute custom shoes, gloves, and clutch purses from a couple different vendors. I scored a couple shopping bags that I’m in love with by Rogier Corbeau of the delightful Etsy shop DutchBarbieWorld. And the Fashion Designer outfit that I didn’t get when I bought the doll nude from eBay a while back.

At the shopping mall adjoining the hotel, I also found a cute Von Maur store shopping bag full of cinnamon candies. In the sales room, we bought some more Barbie ornaments that went home with my sister. And … I broke down and bought Gal on the Go Silkstone Barbie, a favorite of mine that I hadn’t been able to find before at a reasonable price. There were some OOAK dolls I fell in love with too, but they were a little outside the budget …