It’s a Barbie Christmas … tree

The church my sister attends does a Festival of Trees event every year over the Thanksgiving weekend. Individuals choose a theme, decorate a tree in that theme, and then donate the tree for a silent auction that benefits local charities.

This year I talked my sister into a Barbie themed tree. Throughout the past year, we’ve been collecting ornaments, dolls, and a variety of Barbie items from eBay, Etsy, antique malls, dollar stores, and the GAW Barbie Convention. My mom made a tote bag, I made a tree skirt, my sister knitted a Barbie blanket, and we roped the whole family into making a variety of ornaments.

Tonight, we spent an hour and a half decorating our tree. I think someone’s little girl is going to have a very Merry Christmas!

OOAK Silkstone Barbie for charity auction at GAW Barbie Convention

I’ve started working on my OOAK Barbie doll for the charity auction at the 2020 GAW Barbie Convention. The theme is A Knight to Remember, so I’ve decided I’m making a princess Barbie. I know … so original.

I found a repaint artist to collaborate with me; her seller name on eBay is Dolls-in-Reverse. She normally repaints and/or reroots Barbie Fashionistas, but I convinced her to try repainting a Silkie for me. The doll just arrived in the mail today and I’m thrilled with the results! For her first attempt at a Silkie, I think she knocked it out of the park. I gave Mindy the color palette I wanted her to work from to coordinate with the silk fabric I’m planning to use for the dress. (What that final dress will look like … I haven’t decided yet.)

The doll was originally Suite Retreat. I love her auburn hair color, but I’ve never been a fan of her original face paint — she just looks harsh to me. But Mindy has managed to soften her look and I think she looks amazing! Here are the before and after images. What do you think?


1:6 scale throw blankets for fashion dolls

I sew. My sister knits. We work in the same building, so we usually grab a quick lunch and then head to one of our favorite craft stores to get some exercise. Ok … shop. I look for beads, lace, fabric, etc., and she looks at yarn.

For the last couple of years, she has volunteered to go with me to the GAW Barbie Convention. So this past year, I told her she should make something for Barbie to sell out of our room. She started knitting these adorable throw blankets. One happened to end up in my box after convention and I just love how it drapes on the furniture and adds that something extra to my dioramas.


Now, we’re making them available in my Etsy shop. There are a variety of colors, sizes, and patterns to choose from. Check them out!



Around the Corner for Barbie & Victoire Roux

An Etsy friend sent me this hankie in lovely shades of red and pink along with my last order of embroidered hankies. It had a tiny hole in one spot, so she couldn’t sell it, but she thought I could work around it. I knew I wanted to show off the angular lines without breaking them up too much, so I opted for a simple sheath with portrait collar. The belt, brooch, and hat are included, of course. Available now in my Etsy shop.

Did you spot my new lamp in the background? I’m trying to come up with workshop ideas for the next GAW Barbie convention. The lamp even lights up, although it’s hard to tell in this photo because of the photography lights I use.


My GAW purchases

During the GAW Barbie convention, many attendees will sell doll stuff from their hotel room, as I did. So when we closed the door for a break, I took the opportunity to do some room shopping.

My sister and I bought a few Barbie Hallmark Keepsake ornaments for the Christmas tree she’s decorating for the Festival of Trees at her church. (I talked her into the Barbie theme, of course …)

I found some cute custom shoes, gloves, and clutch purses from a couple different vendors. I scored a couple shopping bags that I’m in love with by Rogier Corbeau of the delightful Etsy shop DutchBarbieWorld. And the Fashion Designer outfit that I didn’t get when I bought the doll nude from eBay a while back.

At the shopping mall adjoining the hotel, I also found a cute Von Maur store shopping bag full of cinnamon candies. In the sales room, we bought some more Barbie ornaments that went home with my sister. And … I broke down and bought Gal on the Go Silkstone Barbie, a favorite of mine that I hadn’t been able to find before at a reasonable price. There were some OOAK dolls I fell in love with too, but they were a little outside the budget …


GAW table gifts

One of the traditions at the GAW Barbie convention is to give little gifts to each of your table mates at one of the meals. Usually it’s something small, like a miniature for your doll, or some chocolates. This year, it was like Christmas! We had some fun table mates, enjoyed good conversations, and we all got some really cool gifts.

I got distracted by all the bounty as I was starting to unpack this morning, so I thought I’d share a photo or two with you.

I gave out my Hankie Chic calendars, a mini Japanese parasol, Japanese doll fans that I made, and rice bowl and chop sets for Barbie.



I received origami kits, intricate origami figures, Japanese coasters, magnets, charms, doll jewelry, chocolates, a doll dress, miniatures, and more! Such fun! Now what shall I make with all this origami paper? …