Refurbished Barbie furniture

I have a little stockpile of Barbie furniture that I’ve just finished painting and sealing. All are available now in my Etsy shop.

I believe these pieces were originally from a 2006 Barbie castle.
Notice the miniature cameos I added to the insets on the chairs
Vintage Susy Goose Barbie vanity from the 1960’s.

Refurbished Barbie Fan Club chairs

Barbie Fan Club chairs are getting harder and harder to find, and when I do find them, prices are high. These may be the last BFC chairs I get to refurbish, so I went all out. Hand painted in gold, each features a cushion made from a vintage hand embroidered handkerchief. The style of embroidery is called petit point, which is like needlepoint but on a much smaller scale. I can’t imagine sewing each stitch over one thread of the fabric! All three chairs are available now in my Etsy shop.

Susy Goose furniture repaints for GAW Barbie convention

5 days until we leave for the GAW Barbie convention … and I’m still working on last minute projects. I decided it was time to repaint some circa 1963 vintage Susy Goose Barbie furniture. I have two vanities (Skipper and Barbie) and a piano that are getting refurbished. After removing the music box, I had to do the dreaded soak and scrub to remove the gross red flocking from inside the piano.

I settled on Willow Mist for the base paint color … it’s a pale blush color that leans a little toward lavender. Then I’m accenting with treasure gold, pearl white and pearl pink. After 8 hours of painting, I’m ready for a break. I’ll finish the pieces tomorrow with a coat of sealer and then add new mirrors and seat cushions.

The assembly line …
Lid of the piano
I added cameos in the insets on the sides of the piano.

1:6 scale furniture makeovers

A little while ago, I wrote about some doll furniture I repainted for a friend. I just finished a pair of chairs for the same friend and thought I’d share those as well.

Before … plastic Mattel Barbie chair

I hand painted the chairs in brown, cream, and gold and glued on brass stampings I found on Etsy.

Minis and makeovers

Every now and then, I browse the toy aisle at Walmart. I’ve seen the Mini Brands food items before, but this is the first time I’ve noticed the Mini Brands fashion and Disney store items. They come packaged in a plastic ball, so what you get will be a surprise. I decided to try out the Disney and fashion balls. I would have purchased more of the fashion balls, but I could only find one. I was pleasantly surprised with the contents.

The Disney package included dolls that will fit perfectly in Barbie’s toy shop.
The fashion package included a purse that closes with a magnetic clasp (fancy!), a mini dog, and sunglasses to fit Barbie.

In other news, on eBay I found this cute chandelier from the 2015 Barbie dream house and decided to give it a makeover by painting the candles and flames. I picked up some black chain in the jewelry making section of Walmart to hang it with. I have a couple more on order to try out some other color combinations. Gold might be nice …

1:6 scale furniture makeovers

I’ve been working on refurbishing some Barbie furniture for a friend. I finished the first two pieces today. I used FolkArt multi-surface craft paint. I first painted everything white to get a solid base. While the paint is thin, it adheres well to plastic, and having a white undercoat allowed the brush strokes of the brown paint to appear as wood grain. Then I used FolkArt Treasure Gold as an accent.


Refurbished Susy Goose Barbie vanity and hope chest

I’ve been working on painting this vanity and hope chest for a few weeks now. When you use so many colors, drying time is definitely a factor! But I finally finished them this morning.

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you know how much I love the Susy Goose Barbie furniture. Manufactured in Jonesville, Michigan, in the early 1960’s, these delightful French provincial pieces are unique. Mattel hasn’t come up with any Barbie furniture quite as wonderful as these vintage treasures. Over time, however, the white plastic yellows, so a good paint job can bring these pieces back to life. Available and on sale now in my Etsy shop. Set includes vanity, bench seat, hope chest, and everything shown on the vanity top.

Waiting for paint to dry

It’s a drizzly day outside, which makes it the perfect day for crafting. I have a bunch of doll furniture stockpiled, just waiting for a new coat of paint. So I’m starting out with a vintage Susy Goose Barbie vanity and 3 Barbie Fan Club chairs. I’ve got the first coat on everything, and it will probably take 2-3 more coats before I finish with sealer. I also just got a package in the mail with a vintage Susy Goose Barbie piano that needs some love. What color shall I paint this piano …. Previously, I’ve done blue, white, cream, pink, vertigris, black, and green. Revisit one of those colors, or try something new? Suggestions? How about lilac?

Susy Goose Barbie piano makeover

It’s becoming rather difficult to find Susy Goose Barbie pianos, so when I can, I snatch them up. Manufactured in Jonesville, Michigan, in the early 1960’s, these little gems have charming details. Often, however, the music box no longer works, the flocking inside has disintegrated, and accessory pieces like the photo frame, candelabra, and music stand are broken or missing. So I enjoy fixing them up and giving them new life.

I’m not exactly sure how many of these pianos I’ve repainted, but this is the definitely the most colorful. After a good soak and scrub in hot soapy water to remove the flocking, I started with a base coat of green chalk paint for primer. Chalk paint will stick to practically anything! Then I painted a couple coats of my base color of ocean green. The carvings are accented in gold, metallic emerald green, and metallic raspberry with a pearl white overcoat. I added green cameos in the oval frames on each side of the piano where the stickers were. I made a new music stand from wood and brass stampings, since the original was missing. Then I sealed the whole piece with Minwax polyacrylic sealer. I replaced the beat up mirror above the keyboard and the missing mirror inside the lid. Then I added a new silk cushion to the bench. Some sheet music, a picture frame, and candelabra complete the piece.

This beauty is available now in my Etsy shop.

Susy Goose Barbie piano, before and after refurbishment