Susy Goose Barbie piano makeover

It’s becoming rather difficult to find Susy Goose Barbie pianos, so when I can, I snatch them up. Manufactured in Jonesville, Michigan, in the early 1960’s, these little gems have charming details. Often, however, the music box no longer works, the flocking inside has disintegrated, and accessory pieces like the photo frame, candelabra, and music stand are broken or missing. So I enjoy fixing them up and giving them new life.

I’m not exactly sure how many of these pianos I’ve repainted, but this is the definitely the most colorful. After a good soak and scrub in hot soapy water to remove the flocking, I started with a base coat of green chalk paint for primer. Chalk paint will stick to practically anything! Then I painted a couple coats of my base color of ocean green. The carvings are accented in gold, metallic emerald green, and metallic raspberry with a pearl white overcoat. I added green cameos in the oval frames on each side of the piano where the stickers were. I made a new music stand from wood and brass stampings, since the original was missing. Then I sealed the whole piece with Minwax polyacrylic sealer. I replaced the beat up mirror above the keyboard and the missing mirror inside the lid. Then I added a new silk cushion to the bench. Some sheet music, a picture frame, and candelabra complete the piece.

This beauty is available now in my Etsy shop.

Susy Goose Barbie piano, before and after refurbishment

Flower Shop open for business

I finally finished my flower shop. It all started with a Glitter Girls Sweet Shop. Almost every surface has been refurbished with paint or paper. The curtains are simply pieces of antique lace glued in place. I used scrapbook paper for wallpaper. The seat cushion is recovered with a scrap of fabric I had in my stash. The flower buckets are Solo cup shot glasses. Some raw brass stamped corners dress up the shelving unit. And the lollipop holder now holds stems of roses. The flowers are a combination of millinery flowers, paper, fabric, and clay that I’ve collected over the years. Now I need to figure out a backdrop for the shop … all of my usual backdrops are too small.

From Glitter Girls Sweet Shop to Barbie’s French flower shop, la Petite Fleur

More progress on the flower shop

I’ve got a bit more done on the flower shop. I finally figured out what to do with signage in the lollipop holder and on the side of the building … which then led to me redoing the overhead sign to match. I’ve got a picture sitting in the frame where the flamingo was … haven’t decided if it’s permanent yet or not. Considering making that an oval clock. I also made tiny little tags for the flower buckets with the shop name. Still to do: wallpaper, curtains, and recover the cushion on the window seat.

Sneak peek at my new flower shop

I was so inspired by the Glitter Girls sweet shop transformation that I purchased a used sweet shop on eBay to refurbish myself. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve spent a couple hours a day cleaning, painting, and sealing virtually every surface. I was able to pull off the plastic wallpaper. One side was just on with double sided tape; the other side was glued on and left residue behind. So I am planning to wallpaper again when I can get to a store with a nice selection of scrapbook paper. Once the wallpaper is up, I also plan to add lace curtains.

I removed the flamingo bust and plan to replace it with a picture or sign. Still trying to decide what to do with the lollipop display.

I’ve decided to make this a flower shop instead of a sweet shop, since I have so many flowers. So I found some little red shot plastic glasses that I painted pink to use as flower buckets. For the shop sign, I used a wood plaque, random wood pieces, some scrapbook paper, and foam letters that I painted gold. I hope to finish the project in the next week. Stay tuned for more pictures.

Waiting for paint to dry …

I have a little stockpile of vintage Susy Goose furniture to paint and re-home. I have a complete bedroom set for Skipper (which seems like a daunting project to do all at once), a wardrobe, and a Barbie vanity. I’ve repainted many Susy Goose Barbie vanities in the past, but it’s been a while, so I thought today was the perfect day to tackle it.

Susy Goose Barbie furniture was manufactured in Jonesville, Michigan, in the early 1960’s. These pieces are truly designer gems. They’re made of a hard plastic which yellows over time, so I don’t feel bad about painting these vintage pieces and giving them new life.

I’ve been looking at furniture repaints on Pinterest and found some gorgeous (people size) vintage pieces repainted in dark pink, black, and gold. The combination was so striking, I decided to try it. I’ve typically stuck to pastel colors for the Barbie vanities, so this is quite a departure for me. I started with a base coat of pink … which looked decidedly like Pepto Bismol. So I took a trip to Walmart and picked up some deeper shades of pink. I ended up with a nice rich fuchsia, which was perfect. Several coats of paint later and I’m waiting for everything to thoroughly dry before I put on a coat of sealer and make a cushion for the bench (debating between a black or gold cushion … suggestions welcome). But so far, this is my favorite vanity repaint yet. Stay tuned.

3-D printed lamp

One of my favorite eBay sellers, seller name sir-click, makes 1:6 scale 3D printed miniatures. I’ve purchased a variety of items from him, including side tables, vases, and candlesticks. Recently, he began offering lamps, so I decided to get a pair of those too. I love that the shades are separate pieces from the bases, which means I can put the shades on top of little bottles or salt shakers for more options. The lamps came unpainted, so I painted one pink and one aqua for even more possibilities.

Ooak Susy Goose Skipper bedroom set

It took a while, but I was finally able to collect all 3 pieces of the Susy Goose Skipper bedroom set to repaint and refurbish. Instead of traditional white, I went for something a little more colorful: vergris with gold, champagne, and rose pink accents. I made a new mattress for the bed along with some luxurious bedding (including a pillow made from a petit point hankie). The vanity includes the flower arrangement and bottle set. And the wardrobe is the perfect spot to hang a lovely dress. Available now in my Etsy shop.

Refurbished Susy Goose Barbie Piano

This rare vintage 1960’s Susy Goose Barbie piano and matching bench seat have been completely repainted in verdigris and gold acrylic paint. After painting, pieces were sealed with poly acrylic matte finish sealer. Cushion on bench was sewn from gold silk fabric. Includes candelabra, photo frame, and miniature sheet music for Oh, You Beautiful Doll.

The keys are reversed in color. The Susy Goose pianos came this way, as they are modeled on historical pianos. In Mozart’s day, most piano’s had ebony keys with ivory sharps because ebony wood was cheaper than ivory. 

The Susy Goose Barbie pianos were manufactured in Jonesville, Michigan in the early 1960’s.