1:6 scale table top portraits

I’ve been publishing Hankie Chic calendars for several years now. But invariably I end up with a few leftovers at the end of the year. I can’t bear to throw them out, so I decided to use them for a craft project. The pictures are a really nice size to frame for Barbie dioramas. So I found some brass stamping jewelry findings on Etsy, frames in the scrapbooking section of my local craft store, and some earring dangles to bend and glue onto the frame for a support. Then I simply cut the pictures to size and glued everything in place (gotta love Gorilla Glue!).

Crafting day

I’m still recuperating from a bad cold, so it’s a good day to stay inside and catch up on some crafting. My magnetic doll brooches were getting low in stock, so I made a bunch. My cat really wanted to help with that project!


My 1:6 scale Japanese style fans have been selling briskly lately, so I made about a dozen more.


Now my fingers are covered in glue, so it must be time for lunch!