Fendi for Silkstone Barbie, Poppy Parker, and Victoire Roux

I had just enough leftover fabric from the Fendi handkerchief to make a strapless dress with sweetheart neckline and matching tote bag. But with a spring chill still in the air, I decided Barbie needed a little shrug jacket and belt to go with her dress until warmer weather appears. This fashion available now in my Etsy shop.

Modeling this garment is my Silkstone Barbie Happy Go Lightly, repainted by Mindy Matthews of the eBay shop, Dolls-in-Reverse.

OOAK Silkstone Barbie for charity auction at GAW Barbie Convention

I’ve started working on my OOAK Barbie doll for the charity auction at the 2020 GAW Barbie Convention. The theme is A Knight to Remember, so I’ve decided I’m making a princess Barbie. I know … so original.

I found a repaint artist to collaborate with me; her seller name on eBay is Dolls-in-Reverse. She normally repaints and/or reroots Barbie Fashionistas, but I convinced her to try repainting a Silkie for me. The doll just arrived in the mail today and I’m thrilled with the results! For her first attempt at a Silkie, I think she knocked it out of the park. I gave Mindy the color palette I wanted her to work from to coordinate with the silk fabric I’m planning to use for the dress. (What that final dress will look like … I haven’t decided yet.)

The doll was originally Suite Retreat. I love her auburn hair color, but I’ve never been a fan of her original face paint — she just looks harsh to me. But Mindy has managed to soften her look and I think she looks amazing! Here are the before and after images. What do you think?