Barbie portraits back in stock

I got more of the new Barbie print fabric with the Warhol-inspired vintage Barbie portraits. So I’ve framed some more prints. Each frame is 3” x 4” and the image is 2” x 3”. You’ll find two listings in my shop; one with portraits on a hot pink background and one with portraits on a white background. Limited quantities available. Buy them individually or collect them all.


Barbie portraits

You know us fabric hoarders—we can’t bear to throw out usable scraps of fabric. After I had made a bunch of face masks from the new Riley Blake Barbie print fabric, I had all these odd size scraps left over. The images make me think of Andy Warhol portraits. So … I framed them! In Barbie scale frames, of course. The framed image is 4” x 3” —just perfect for your Barbie diorama. They are available individually or collect them all.