Belts for Barbie

Ever want that finishing touch to a Barbie outfit? For years, I made belts from scraps of ultrasuede, a metal snap and a doll size belt buckle. But I can’t always find the color and weight of ultrasuede that I need to go with a particular garment. Recently, I was browsing through Michaels craft store and found these little faux leather bands in with their charms. You get a package of 10 for about $7.50 (unless you have a coupon, like me).

They’re made for slide on charms and hook onto larger bracelets. But guess what! They’re the perfect length for a Barbie belt! I just slip on a buckle and sew a snap on the two ends and voila!

Notice the brooch in the photo? It’s one of the slide on charms designed to go on the bands!