GAW Fashion Doll Show and Sale

We moved everything from our hotel room to the sales room this afternoon. We managed to consolidate our displays and fit everything on one table. Today was only for conventioneers, but tomorrow we open to the public. Anything that doesn’t sell tomorrow will be listed in my Etsy shop tomorrow afternoon or evening.

1:6 scale treasures

This week, we’ve been exploring northern Michigan with family. Today we stopped in Beulah (on US 31, west of Traverse City) to do some antiquing, but all the antique shops were closed. So we walked around downtown and found the shop 254 South. It’s an amazing store of collected, repurposed, found, and created items. From original paintings, to housewares. knickknacks, and more. We had fun browsing and each ended up with multiple items to purchase. I found this miniature original oil painting and clay vase for my Barbie vignettes.


Beulah is right on Crystal Lake, so you can enjoy boating and swimming, and don’t forget to stop for lunch at The Cherry Hut, for the best cherry pie a la mode around.

Painting day

I’ve been collecting some vintage Susy Goose Skipper furniture to refurbish and sell at the GAW Barbie Convention next month. I have 3 vanities and 2 beds (with another bed on its way). So far, I have them covered in 2 coats of white paint. Can’t wait for them to dry so I can pull out the accent colors! Gold, of course, and then I’m thinking I’ll do pink on one set, lavender on the 2nd set, and blue on the 3rd set. Stay tuned.


OOAK Silkstone Barbie for charity auction at GAW Barbie Convention

I’ve started working on my OOAK Barbie doll for the charity auction at the 2020 GAW Barbie Convention. The theme is A Knight to Remember, so I’ve decided I’m making a princess Barbie. I know … so original.

I found a repaint artist to collaborate with me; her seller name on eBay is Dolls-in-Reverse. She normally repaints and/or reroots Barbie Fashionistas, but I convinced her to try repainting a Silkie for me. The doll just arrived in the mail today and I’m thrilled with the results! For her first attempt at a Silkie, I think she knocked it out of the park. I gave Mindy the color palette I wanted her to work from to coordinate with the silk fabric I’m planning to use for the dress. (What that final dress will look like … I haven’t decided yet.)

The doll was originally Suite Retreat. I love her auburn hair color, but I’ve never been a fan of her original face paint — she just looks harsh to me. But Mindy has managed to soften her look and I think she looks amazing! Here are the before and after images. What do you think?


GAW table gifts

One of the traditions at the GAW Barbie convention is to give little gifts to each of your table mates at one of the meals. Usually it’s something small, like a miniature for your doll, or some chocolates. This year, it was like Christmas! We had some fun table mates, enjoyed good conversations, and we all got some really cool gifts.

I got distracted by all the bounty as I was starting to unpack this morning, so I thought I’d share a photo or two with you.

I gave out my Hankie Chic calendars, a mini Japanese parasol, Japanese doll fans that I made, and rice bowl and chop sets for Barbie.



I received origami kits, intricate origami figures, Japanese coasters, magnets, charms, doll jewelry, chocolates, a doll dress, miniatures, and more! Such fun! Now what shall I make with all this origami paper? …





Views from the GAW salesroom

The GAW Barbie Convention sales room has closed for the evening, but I thought you’d like to see the dolls from our neighboring booths.

Across the aisle from us is the giant wall of Barbie. So tempting.


And behind us are the guys from Artist Creations with their magnificent OOAK Silkstone dolls. If only …



The salesroom opens to the public tomorrow, so stop in if you’re in the area.