1:6 scale pdf printable boxes

I’ve been having fun making some printables again. This time, I made some perfume and hand lotion boxes for Barbie and friends. The pdf file and instructions can be downloaded from my Etsy shop, hankiechic.etsy.com.

This is what the file will look like (minus the Hankie Chic watermark). You’ll receive 2 sizes of boxes in pink and blue.

Hallmark Kiddie Car Classic

A couple of weeks ago, I found this Hallmark Kiddie Car Classic in an antique shop. I thought it might be about the right size for a Chelsea or Kelly doll, and discovered it fits Chelsea perfectly! I’m not sure if Hallmark still makes these, but you can find plenty of options on eBay.

Refurbished Barbie Fan Club chairs

Barbie Fan Club chairs are getting harder and harder to find, and when I do find them, prices are high. These may be the last BFC chairs I get to refurbish, so I went all out. Hand painted in gold, each features a cushion made from a vintage hand embroidered handkerchief. The style of embroidery is called petit point, which is like needlepoint but on a much smaller scale. I can’t imagine sewing each stitch over one thread of the fabric! All three chairs are available now in my Etsy shop.

GAW Barbie convention – competitions

We just got back from viewing the competitions and buying some raffle tickets. The diorama competitors outdid themselves this year!

Susy Goose furniture repaints for GAW Barbie convention

5 days until we leave for the GAW Barbie convention … and I’m still working on last minute projects. I decided it was time to repaint some circa 1963 vintage Susy Goose Barbie furniture. I have two vanities (Skipper and Barbie) and a piano that are getting refurbished. After removing the music box, I had to do the dreaded soak and scrub to remove the gross red flocking from inside the piano.

I settled on Willow Mist for the base paint color … it’s a pale blush color that leans a little toward lavender. Then I’m accenting with treasure gold, pearl white and pearl pink. After 8 hours of painting, I’m ready for a break. I’ll finish the pieces tomorrow with a coat of sealer and then add new mirrors and seat cushions.

The assembly line …
Lid of the piano
I added cameos in the insets on the sides of the piano.

1:6 scale furniture makeovers

A little while ago, I wrote about some doll furniture I repainted for a friend. I just finished a pair of chairs for the same friend and thought I’d share those as well.

Before … plastic Mattel Barbie chair

I hand painted the chairs in brown, cream, and gold and glued on brass stampings I found on Etsy.

Purple Roses for Barbie and friends

I had about half of a vintage Yves Saint Laurent handkerchief left in my stash, when I received a request for step by step photos of how to make the bodice for my Fabulous Fifties dress pattern. So I figured, why not use up the rest of that hankie? And to make it even more interesting, I made a new skirt pattern to go with it. Dress available now in my Etsy shop.

I haven’t used my flower shop set in a while because I have to lug my photography studio lights from one room to another (since the flower shop is too large to fit in my doll room). So I saved myself some trouble by only moving one light, instead of both, which made for some nice dramatic lighting.

Refurbished Susy Goose Barbie vanity and hope chest

I’ve been working on painting this vanity and hope chest for a few weeks now. When you use so many colors, drying time is definitely a factor! But I finally finished them this morning.

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you know how much I love the Susy Goose Barbie furniture. Manufactured in Jonesville, Michigan, in the early 1960’s, these delightful French provincial pieces are unique. Mattel hasn’t come up with any Barbie furniture quite as wonderful as these vintage treasures. Over time, however, the white plastic yellows, so a good paint job can bring these pieces back to life. Available and on sale now in my Etsy shop. Set includes vanity, bench seat, hope chest, and everything shown on the vanity top.