Before and after

I found this 1:6 scale resin chair on eBay.


I believe it was originally part of a set of three. They all have hangers on the back so you can hang them on the wall. I love the lines of this chair, but the paint job … left something to be desired. So I pulled out some cream chalk paint (which covers everything) and went to town. I added some metallic champagne paint on top to make the upholstery look like satin. A bit of gold on the nailhead trim … some dry brushed shades of tan on the woodwork to show normal signs of wear … and voila … a new chair for my dioramas.


1:6 scale treasures

This week, we’ve been exploring northern Michigan with family. Today we stopped in Beulah (on US 31, west of Traverse City) to do some antiquing, but all the antique shops were closed. So we walked around downtown and found the shop 254 South. It’s an amazing store of collected, repurposed, found, and created items. From original paintings, to housewares. knickknacks, and more. We had fun browsing and each ended up with multiple items to purchase. I found this miniature original oil painting and clay vase for my Barbie vignettes.


Beulah is right on Crystal Lake, so you can enjoy boating and swimming, and don’t forget to stop for lunch at The Cherry Hut, for the best cherry pie a la mode around.

2020 Hallmark keepsake ornaments

Hallmark introduced their 2020 Keepsake ornaments this weekend. These can be a treasure trove of 1:6 scale miniatures for your fashion doll dioramas. I’ve picked up a few so far. Here are a couple of them.

First, in honor of Princess Beatrice’s wedding, this adorable wedding cake.

And then, in the frisky kittens series, this cute kitten and hamster.

Barbie portraits back in stock

I got more of the new Barbie print fabric with the Warhol-inspired vintage Barbie portraits. So I’ve framed some more prints. Each frame is 3” x 4” and the image is 2” x 3”. You’ll find two listings in my shop; one with portraits on a hot pink background and one with portraits on a white background. Limited quantities available. Buy them individually or collect them all.


Barbie miniature

I stopped in my local dollar store this afternoon and found these miniature Barbie figurines. They had a variety—from chef Barbie to Baseball Barbie—but I thought this one was the cutest. I’m considering repainting her. Maybe all white or all gold. Or maybe just repaint her outfit so she looks more like a porcelain tchotchke. Thoughts?


Barbie portraits

You know us fabric hoarders—we can’t bear to throw out usable scraps of fabric. After I had made a bunch of face masks from the new Riley Blake Barbie print fabric, I had all these odd size scraps left over. The images make me think of Andy Warhol portraits. So … I framed them! In Barbie scale frames, of course. The framed image is 4” x 3” —just perfect for your Barbie diorama. They are available individually or collect them all.

New Barbie book titles

I’ve just added some new 1:6 scale Barbie books. If you’ve ordered my Barbie books before and just want the new covers, send me a note with your order asking for the new books. Please note: Books do not open. They look great on a bookshelf or sitting loose on a table. Available now in my Etsy shop.


Barbie clone vanity by Marx Toys

Several years ago, I ran across a fashion doll vanity in an antique shop in Indiana. It had the word Marx stamped on the bottom. It was in bad shape and missing a leg, so I didn’t buy it, but regretted that decision later on. Last week, I discovered that same style vanity on eBay and managed to win the bid.  It’s in pretty good shape, and I’m planning to repaint it for a fresh look. Not so fond of the stool with the red flocking, so I might have to do something different for seating.

After a bit of research, I’ve discovered the vanity was manufactured by Marx Toys in the early 1960’s. It was sold as a set with a Barbie clone doll named either Marlene or Miss Regina. The original came with miniature accessories like a phone, photo frame, and hand mirror, and assorted bottles.

What I find unusual is that Marx Toys also manufactured a child size version of the vanity, called Budding Beauty. How cool for a little girl to have her own vanity that matches her doll vanity! The child size vanity below Is available now on eBay.