Carolyn for Silkstone Barbie, Poppy Parker, and Victoire Roux

I found this hankie that reminded me of William Morris designs, but it was designed by Carolyn Schnurer. The blues in the design remind me of denim. The amber colored flowers coordinated beautifully with some amber colored ultrasuede I had on hand, so I made a belt and added an amber colored rhinestone brooch. Available now in my Etsy shop.


New Barbie book titles

I’ve just added some new 1:6 scale Barbie books. If you’ve ordered my Barbie books before and just want the new covers, send me a note with your order asking for the new books. Please note: Books do not open. They look great on a bookshelf or sitting loose on a table. Available now in my Etsy shop.


Garden Party for Silkstone Barbie, Poppy Parker, and Victoire Roux

I’m in love with vintage wedding hankies. I can’t imagine how many hours it took someone to embroider these intricate designs by hand.

Of course the challenge of using these hankies for doll dresses is you only have an 11” square of fabric to work with. So if you want to make a design with a full skirt, you have to get creative. Once the skirt is cut out, there’s very little of the hankie left to make the bodice. So this time, I decided to make a wrap bodice using both the hankie and some silk tissue taffeta. I’m in love with how it turned out.

This fashion is available now in my Etsy shop.