Petit Pink for Barbie, Poppy Parker and Victoire Roux

I found this hankie bordered with petit point flowers. I decided to use only the border to make the skirt … I just sewed strips of border together and then cut out the skirt from the new piece of fabric I made. The coordinating blouse is a made from silk tissue taffeta. A rhinestone brooch accents the portrait collar. Available now in my Etsy shop.


2020 Hallmark keepsake ornaments

Hallmark introduced their 2020 Keepsake ornaments this weekend. These can be a treasure trove of 1:6 scale miniatures for your fashion doll dioramas. I’ve picked up a few so far. Here are a couple of them.

First, in honor of Princess Beatrice’s wedding, this adorable wedding cake.

And then, in the frisky kittens series, this cute kitten and hamster.

Green Thumb for Barbie, Poppy Parker, and Victoire Roux

I found this lovely hand appliqued and embroidered hankie in shades of blue and green. I didn’t have any blue fabric on hand that coordinated nicely, so I pulled out my green fabric to find this fresh lime Dupioni silk that made the blue flowers pop. I made separates so you can mix and match with other pieces. And wouldn’t you know, I already had a rhinestone brooch made up in blue and green that worked perfectly with the ensemble. Available now in my Etsy shop.


Barbie portraits back in stock

I got more of the new Barbie print fabric with the Warhol-inspired vintage Barbie portraits. So I’ve framed some more prints. Each frame is 3” x 4” and the image is 2” x 3”. You’ll find two listings in my shop; one with portraits on a hot pink background and one with portraits on a white background. Limited quantities available. Buy them individually or collect them all.


Barbie miniature

I stopped in my local dollar store this afternoon and found these miniature Barbie figurines. They had a variety—from chef Barbie to Baseball Barbie—but I thought this one was the cutest. I’m considering repainting her. Maybe all white or all gold. Or maybe just repaint her outfit so she looks more like a porcelain tchotchke. Thoughts?


Barbie portraits

You know us fabric hoarders—we can’t bear to throw out usable scraps of fabric. After I had made a bunch of face masks from the new Riley Blake Barbie print fabric, I had all these odd size scraps left over. The images make me think of Andy Warhol portraits. So … I framed them! In Barbie scale frames, of course. The framed image is 4” x 3” —just perfect for your Barbie diorama. They are available individually or collect them all.