Customizing doll shoes

If you’ve purchased a dress from me recently, you know I always include a free gift with your purchase — usually a pair of shoes for your doll. I prefer pumps for that classic look, but I’ve settled for sling-backs, which are readily available to buy in bulk on Etsy. Black sling-backs are the cheapest and easiest to find, and recently, I’ve also been able to purchase red, pink, and purple in bulk (although at a slightly higher price than black). But what about for those of us who want blush, taupe, blue or green? I have been known to glue colored resin/rhinestone bows onto shoes, but lately I’ve been experimenting with painting black shoes with nail polish. I stuff a Q-tip into a shoe and start painting. My high-tech drying solution is to place the other end of the Q-tip into the hole of some stacked reels of ribbon. It generally takes 5-6 coats of polish and then I seal it with a topcoat. Not sure how these will wear over time, but so far so good. Hoping someone will make white sling-backs available in bulk soon!

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