GAW Barbie Convention updates

The GAW convention has kept us hopping the past couple of days! Thursday we did room sales all day, from 9am until bedtime. Sales were steady throughout the day, but rush hour seemed to come about 3:30pm when I couldn’t package fast enough!

Friday was room sales in the morning, and then I taught a class in the afternoon where some creative conventioneers learned how to make 1:6 scale lamps for their dolls from beads and battery operated tea lights.

Supper was our first convention meal where we received our first doll, a knight with fashion designed by Paul Bruce, also our table host.

Everyone received this companion doll to the convention doll (coming soon)

The centerpiece at each table was a knight and lady by a fireplace.

After supper was the auction to benefit 3 local children’s cancer charities. There were some beautiful OOAK dolls donated by some incredible artists and bidding was fast and furious. Here are photos of some of the dolls.

The Lady of Shalott by Dawn Anderson/OSS, Lady Constance by Bellisima Couture and Maryann Roy, Lady Emma by Couture Helene, Lady Ludivine at the Court by Wilfred Cogo, Forbidden Love by Dalsdolls and SethFX, Crystal Queen by Robsdolls, Vanessa by Thomas Soderberg, Diamond Joan of Arc by Magia2000, NiniMomo, Dame Doriann by Aponi Designs, Artist Creations, Bill Greening (Mattel), OOAK prototype by Carol Spencer.

We went to bed before the auction ended, but stayed long enough to see my OOAK doll auctioned. Princess Merina features an updo hairstyle by Rob Thompson of Robsdolls, facial repaint by Mindy Matthews of Dolls in Reverse, a sterling silver tiara with genuine blue topaz stones, and hand sewn fashion by me. I made her backdrop and throne as well. She went to this gentleman for $650.

Princess Merina OOAK Silkstone doll donated by Hankie Chic

More updates later!

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