Minis and makeovers

Every now and then, I browse the toy aisle at Walmart. I’ve seen the Mini Brands food items before, but this is the first time I’ve noticed the Mini Brands fashion and Disney store items. They come packaged in a plastic ball, so what you get will be a surprise. I decided to try out the Disney and fashion balls. I would have purchased more of the fashion balls, but I could only find one. I was pleasantly surprised with the contents.

The Disney package included dolls that will fit perfectly in Barbie’s toy shop.
The fashion package included a purse that closes with a magnetic clasp (fancy!), a mini dog, and sunglasses to fit Barbie.

In other news, on eBay I found this cute chandelier from the 2015 Barbie dream house and decided to give it a makeover by painting the candles and flames. I picked up some black chain in the jewelry making section of Walmart to hang it with. I have a couple more on order to try out some other color combinations. Gold might be nice …

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