Refurbished Susy Goose Barbie piano

It’s getting very difficult to find Susy Goose Barbie pianos to refurbish, but I managed to snag one from eBay a few weeks ago, although I had to spend more than I usually do. The Susy Goose Barbie pianos were manufactured in Jonesville, Michigan in the early 1960’s. Since Jonesville is only 90 minutes from my house, you’d think I’d be able to find these pianos in antique shops in the area, but alas, no. This rare vintage piano and matching bench seat have been completely repainted in castle gray and gold acrylic paint. I added cameos to the oval insets on the sides of the piano to replace the stickers that were there. After painting, pieces were sealed with poly acrylic matte finish sealer. Cushion on bench was upholstered from gold silk fabric. Includes candelabra.

The keys are reversed in color. The Susy Goose pianos came this way, as they are modeled on historical pianos. In Mozart’s day, most piano’s had ebony keys with ivory sharps because ebony wood was cheaper than ivory. 

Note: The music box did not work, so it has been removed from the piano. Available now in my Etsy shop.

8 thoughts on “Refurbished Susy Goose Barbie piano

  1. You’re welcome! I love the Susy Goose furniture line. It’s too bad the company is no longer in business. But for being manufactured in the 1960’s, these plastic pieces have held up well.


  2. Sylvia, I have watched your talents grow and evolve over the years and I must say that I am in awe! I joined Etsy in 20014, and first purchased 2 of your beautiful dresses “Vintage Violets” and “Violets Are Purple” back in 2015. In the past few months, I have purchased a few sets of your miniature books, and was lucky enough to snag this beautiful piece! You are a true Artisan!


  3. Personally, I like the more natural looking stuff. You have pictured a little further back on the blog a brown desk with gold details. I think something like that would look nice. But you seem to have pretty good success selling the more colorful ones. I think you’d make a sale if you painted it lime green. LOL!


  4. Thanks, Kathy! Still deciding what color to paint the next one. I bought cameos in 3 different colors to fill the ovals on the side of the piano so that I’d have options: black, burgandy, and blue.


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