Painting day

I have a few Susy Goose furniture pieces I’m painting for a friend. The light was just right this morning, so I got an early start. First up, a Skipper vanity and wardrobe. We’re taking our cue from the amethyst jewel on the vanity mirror. I started with a few coats of wedding cake white, and then accented the carvings with amethyst, lavender, champagne, and gold metallic paint. After everything is thoroughly dried, I’ll put on a coat of poly acrylic sealer and make a cushion for the bench.


We’re in the market for the matching Susy Goose Skipper bed to refurbish. Anyone have one for sale at a reasonable price?

Next up, repainting a Susy Goose piano. Trying out a new color combo. Here’s a teaser …



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