GAW table gifts

One of the traditions at the GAW Barbie convention is to give little gifts to each of your table mates at one of the meals. Usually it’s something small, like a miniature for your doll, or some chocolates. This year, it was like Christmas! We had some fun table mates, enjoyed good conversations, and we all got some really cool gifts.

I got distracted by all the bounty as I was starting to unpack this morning, so I thought I’d share a photo or two with you.

I gave out my Hankie Chic calendars, a mini Japanese parasol, Japanese doll fans that I made, and rice bowl and chop sets for Barbie.



I received origami kits, intricate origami figures, Japanese coasters, magnets, charms, doll jewelry, chocolates, a doll dress, miniatures, and more! Such fun! Now what shall I make with all this origami paper? …





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