GAW Barbie Convention and doll show this weekend

I’m taking the day off work tomorrow to start packing up for the GAW Barbie Convention. I have so much stuff to sell this year, including:

  • refurbished Susy Goose Barbie furniture
  • Repainted Barbie Fan Club chairs
  • dining sets
  • 1:6 scale pillows and purses made from embroidered hankies
  • Hankie Chic calendars
  • 1:6 scale books and perfume bottle sets
  • 1:6 scale vignette wall panels
  • doll jewelry
  • 29 OOAK Hankie Chic fashions for our favorite doll made from vintage hankies and silk Coach scarves
  • and more! (Because I’m sure I’ve forgotten something …)

Plus, I’ll be teaching a workshop on how to make 1:6 scale Japanese fans.

If you’re headed to Livonia, Michigan, this weekend, please stop in and see me.


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