Little treasures

I don’t know about you, but everywhere I go, I’m spotting miniature treasures to use in my dioramas. Here are some of my recent acquisitions.


Left to right: The white vase and little Avon lady in blue were found at an antique shop in Grandville, Michigan, last weekend. The flower cart was a gift from my sister— it’s a placecard holder she found at Pier One … I just removed the holder stick. The red roses lying on the top of the sideboard are from Michaels. The birdhouse is a little metal and enamel trinket box from Hobby Lobby. The painted sign is actually a magnet, also from Hobby Lobby. On the shelves below are a few books I made along with two antique salt holders I picked up in my travels.

Amazing things are out there! Just check out your local antiques or crafts store.


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