1:6 scale sewing room

Last month while on vacation, I discovered an adorable iron and ironing board set by Maileg Danish Design. So I decided to set up a sewing room set to show them off.

I already had a sewing machine — a vintage pencil sharpener I found in an antique shop. But I wanted a cute sewing table to complete the room. So I ordered one from the Esty shop, DreamStudioDollHouse. They are located in Russia — so be prepared to wait a month for shipping — but their furniture is so cute, it’s worth the wait. My new Singer sewing table arrived today, and I love it. You can’t see it in these photos, but it has elaborate scrollwork on the legs of the table, just like the vintage cast iron legs of the original Singer sewing tables.

And yes, those are “patterns” stacked on the ironing board and a mini pin cushion on the sewing table. Couldn’t find my tiny scissors though … may need to organize the doll room soon.


10 thoughts on “1:6 scale sewing room

  1. Even if I didn’t enjoy your wonderful fashions for dolls, I would read your blog just for entries like this one. Your sewing room is great. Thank goodness for the internet to expand our options for creativity. I am, by the way, a lover of old sewing machines. You are inspiring!


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