Affordable rhinestone earrings for fashion dolls

A few weeks ago, I wandered down a random aisle at Hobby Lobby and found the perfect earrings for my fashion dolls. They are actually sold as sequin pins, but the post is plastic with a rhinestone at the tip. They fit my Silkstone Barbie perfectly, while protecting her from the dreaded green ear.

The pins come in a package of 100 (50 sets of earrings!) for $2.99. Quite a steal! And you get an assortment of clear, black, red, light blue, green, and dark blue.

Don’t bother checking their website because the item is out of stock at the moment. So you’ll have to check your local store … and get there before I do!

They also have colored plastic sequin pins with a plain ball at the end that also work well as earrings. See photos below.


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