Craft day

Yesterday while the heat index outside was over 100 degrees, I decided to stay inside and have a craft day.

Project #1 – assembling and painting chairs.


Yes, you’ve noticed two of the chairs are larger than the others. I kind of noticed that too when I opened my eBay package. However, they seem to fit Gene and other 16” dolls perfectly. Next step is to make petit point cushions for all of the chairs and figure out what I’m going to do for tables.

Project #2 – Prepping for paint


I found a couple more Suzy Goose Barbie pianos on eBay in need of some TLC that I’m planning to refurbish and sell in my Etsy shop. First was the dreaded job of removing the flocking from inside. After a good soak in hot soapy water and a lot of scrubbing, it’s finally gone. A mini q-tip tool did the trick on getting dirt out of all the little crevices. And some Goo Gone helped removed the flaking stickers in the oval insets on the side. Now I’m ready to paint and reassemble. Question is, what color? I painted mine blue with gold trim — which I love. But should I try a different color?

Project #3 – Building a new backdrop


I’ve been wanting a bit larger backdrop to fit in my bookcase — especially to show off larger items such as the piano. I found these thin shaped wood panels at JoAnn Fabrics. I painted the edges a metallic champagne. I found some embossed scrapbook paper to inset on the panels. Then I painted some wood appliqués to match the plywood wall. I found some crystal hooks at Hobby Lobby to make into sconces. Assembly still required on this one … stay tuned.



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