Vintage mini planters

I’m always on the lookout for miniatures I can use in my photos. A few months ago, I found two mini ceramic planters at an antique mall. They were empty when I purchased them, so I kept my eyes open for something to put in them. After Christmas, I picked up some plastic ferns 90% off at Hobby Lobby. Then when the spring florals came out, I found another bunch of ferns at Michaels with a different texture. This morning, I decided to put them together. I filled with planters with floral foam and them took the ferns apart and arranged them in the planters.

Here’s what the finished planters look like in my diorama. The brick facade is simply brick printed fabric duct taped over a 20”x16” flat painters canvas board. The door is from Byer’s Choice — I removed the Christmas wreath and repainted the door to coordinate with the brick. To make a step in front of the door, I painted the lid to a cardboard necklace box.


And here’s how the whole setup looks when I add a doll and crop the photo. Instant house exterior!



5 thoughts on “Vintage mini planters

      1. It is great to find the fabric like this, I have seen it in stone as well, wood, it photographs so much better than paper or wallpaper etc, I cant seem to get a good picture when I use ordinary poster paper picture as a back drop. I usually end up buying the fabric ones on ebay.


  1. If you are looking for a more contemporary looking planter, consider using a cap from a roll-on deodorant. You can paint them and stuff with the floral foam and add your plants.


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